Kraus Vinyl

Robusto Plank provides the colour, texture and character of real wood. It is designed to provide easy maintenance and withstand the heavy performance demands of residential or commercial settings. comes in 7'' Width

The Avenue Gallery Designed for you with our NextGen Core™ for stronger performance, attached underlayment for quiet comfort, and backed by our Lifetime Waterproof warranty. Avenue Gallery is available in 4 stylish colours to match any home decor. comea in 6.5'' Width

The Carlota Tille II Balancing function, performance and value, Carlota Tile II replicates the warmth and visual effects found in natural stone, making it the perfect choice for today’s modern lifestyle. Comes in 18'' Width

The Calibre Tile is ideal for both residential and light commercial applications where a floating floor is preferred. The patent Uniclic locking system provides easy installation while ensuring a tight seal against moisture preventing the growth of mold and other bacteria. Calibre Tile represents a realistic stone visual with easy maintenance. It comes in 12'' Width

The Echo Bay collection features our 5G locking system for quick and easy installation. This Kraus style is available in 8 rich and warm colors to suit any decorative household or commercial setting. it comes in 8 3/5'' Width.

The Carlota Plank Collection Balancing function, performance and value Carlota Plank replicates the warmth and visual effects found in natural wood, making it the perfect choice for today’s modern lifestyle.Comes in 6'' Width

Ideal for today’s do-it yourselfer, Easy Fix Loose Lay Tile and Easy Fix Loose Lay Plank offer a grip backing which ensures that the plank and tiles remain firmly in place. Available in a variety of realistic stone and wood planks visuals, this style will coordinate with any decor. comes in 6'' Width

The Culbres Plank Designed with complimentary colours to accentuate the decor in any home, Culbres Wide, Culbres Plank and Culbres Tile will be sure to spark interest from today’s consumer. Both the plank and tile styles are coated with Kraus’ PearlTouch™ Ceramic Bead technology, ensuring a lasting, beautiful and worry-free finish.

The Panetola Tile Collection beautifully replicates the natural style of European ceramic tile with exceptional durability, comfort and performance that only a luxury vinyl floor can provide. Our colour and pattern options will bring out the best in your home décor. Comes in 16'' Width

The Montalina Tile Collection is easy and quick to install and effortless to repair. This luxury tile has a striking and chic appearance for any commercial or residential spac. Comes in 18'' Width.

The Toscana Tile Collection Innovative technology combined with remarkable realism and cutting edge elegance defines our Toscana Tile. The warm inviting natural colours along with simple styling provide a durable and comfortable flooring solution for any home design. Comes in 12'' Width.

The Lonsdale Plank Collection is a high performance flooring option, delivering the warmth and beauty of nature indoors. It offers natural wood graining, colour and texture variations, ease of maintenance and long term durability. Comes in 6'' Width.